Warwick Divest Petition

Submitted by: Warwick and AOC Student Campaigners

Since November 2020, the Board of Trustees for The University of Warwick’s Students’ Union have undemocratically delayed the passage of a motion which calls for divestment from all unethical industries that are directly involved in the violation of human rights and demands transparency with regards to Warwick University’s investment portfolio.


The “Warwick Divest Motion” calls for the university to divest from “[C]ompanies that are directly complicit in human rights violations, such as arms companies (BAE Systems), and other companies (JCB, Thales, etc) …[from] industries that are both compliant and in direct violation of human rights, [including those] complicit in the massacres against and displacement of Palestinians and maintaining the Israeli Apartheid regime.”


The Warwick Divest Motion passed with a majority of 1,713 votes after an All-Students-Vote referendum on November 13, 2020. The motion was then brought to the Board of Trustees [BoT] for ratification, but the BoT has yet to ratify the motion due to pressures from an off-campus political lobbyist group for Israel called “UK Lawyers for Israel” [UKLFI]. UKLFI presented Warwick BoT with false statements of law and process and resorted to fabrications about basic language in an effort to persuade and pressure the Warwick BoT to veto the Motion specifically as regards that part of the motion which addresses Palestinian human rights.


The time of inaction in standing for human rights, including Palestinian rights, must come to an end. The improper delay of the ratification of this motion not only harms Palestinians, but harms all people, including victims of imperialism, war and corporate exploitation; it harms the environment, obfuscates the will of the Student body and sets a dangerous precedent for the right to freedom of expression, as it discriminates against Palestinians and violates the rights of the students who have brought, and voted for, this motion.


Warwick and its Board of Trustees are called upon to uphold their duty to their students, to their student officers, and to their community. Any further obstruction and delay to the ratification of the Warwick Divest Motion must immediately cease.


Please join us in calling on Warwick Students Union’s Board of Trustees to ratify the Warwick Divest Motion — and to work with the Student Officers to resolve the harm BoT has caused them — without any further delay by signing below. Further information below.

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